Social media platforms are constantly coming up with new and exciting features to keep their users glued. Looking at the modern trends, the video editing flexibilities of Instagram are all set to amaze you. Above all, the exciting capabilities of Instagram for editing Reels are on the rise.

From stunning filters and video effects to voiceover, music, and stickers, creators have put never-ending choices at the users' disposal.

With Reels becoming the default video format for Instagram, these utilities are a welcome bonus for dedicated users.

The following article talks about embedding Instagram Reels on your website for greater visibility of your creative effort.

User’s Guide to Embed Instagram Reels on Websites

Download Instagram Feed Pro Plugin

download Instagram feed pro plugin

Start with downloading Instagram Feed Pro from its official website , followed by installing the plugin on your website. Proceed with plugin activation after a successful installation, and take the following steps.

Create Your Instagram Feed

instagram feed post

It's time to create an Instagram feed for displaying the reels. Head to the 'Instagram Feed' option on your website dashboard, followed by opening the 'All Feeds' menu. On the page that appears next, head to the top and tap the 'Add New' button. You should now choose one of the following options for the Instagram feed:

  • User Timeline makes your content appear on your Instagram profile.
  • Public Hashtag embeds Instagram posts with your selected hashtags.
  • Tagged Posts show the videos and photos which have been tagged to your Instagram account.

You are free to choose multiple options, while combining different types of Instagram feed as a single content. Choose a preferred feed type and tap ‘Next’ to proceed.

Connect the Feed to your Instagram

connecting instagram feed

The feed should now be connected to the Instagram account. This is necessary for the latter to show your Instagram photos, reels, and videos on the website. Navigate to and click on the 'Add Source' button to begin the process. In the pop-up that appears next, select between personal and business Instagram accounts.

Choosing a personal account allows you to embed content exclusively from your account. On the contrary, you can embed different types of Instagram content, such as tagged feeds, shopping feeds, hashtag feeds, and lots more from a business account. When you have made your choice, tap 'Log in with Instagram' to proceed further. Clicking on the button opens Instagram in your internet browser to finish the feed connection task.

You will now be asked for read-only access to the account for viewing the available content. Instagram Feed Pro is not authorized to make any changes to your profile. Tap ‘Allow’ to grant access permission.You will be redirected to your website to confirm the account as your Instagram feed source by tapping the 'Next' button.

Customize your Instagram Reels

creating Instagram reels

The completion of Step 3 takes you to the 'Live Feed Editor'. You can now customize the feed layout, gallery size, header style, color scheme, etc. from the left, and preview the effects at the right. You can start by selecting the content that appears on your feed. To do this, tap 'Settings', followed by clicking on 'Filters and Moderation'. For displaying reels, head to the ‘Show Specific Types of Post’ option, and deselect ‘Photos’. Tap ‘Save’ to finalize the changes and reach ‘Settings’, followed by tapping ‘Customize’ for further modification.

You can adjust the appearance of your feed in the ‘Feed Layout’ option by choosing one among the Grid, Highlights, Masonry, and Carousel layouts. When finished, click on ‘Save’, followed by ‘Customize’ to continue further. Click on 'Color Scheme' for changing the colors of the Instagram feed.

You can select one from the Light, Dark, Custom, and Inherit from Theme options. Hit 'Save' to confirm the changes. There are options to change the button design, post style, header, and lots more.

Here’s a step-by-step process to embed Instagram reels on your webpage:

  1. Navigate to and hit the ‘Embed’ button at the top-right corner.
  2. Choose the feed location by clicking on the ‘Add to a Page’ button within the popup that follows.
  3. A list of pages will be displayed. Select the desired one and tap the ‘Add’ button.
  4. In the ‘Editor Page’ that appears next, add a content block by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol.
  5. Enter ‘Instagram’ in the search box, followed by selecting ‘Instagram Feed’in the search results for embedding the Instagram reels on your website.
  6. Tap 'Update' to make the Instagram reels go live on the website. The Instagram content appears on the webpage of your site when you log in next.

Instagram reels have a separate fan base for Instagram users. With the growing craze, these have become effective tools for content promotion and visibility. You can easily embed Instagram reels on your website for taking the desired advantage.