Social media and networking platforms are a fascination for contemporary society. Having a wide influence on all age groups, these communication spaces are convenient for quickly connecting with friends and peers across the globe.

Following the latest trends, Instagram is the current craze for social media geeks. The appealing buzz of this platform is gaining a huge number of followers for your account.

Users land on Instagram for likes and comments on their posts, and a long list of followers aid greatly in the cause.

The following article talks about interesting ways to increase your Instagram followers for free.

10 Amazing Tips and Tricks to Earn Instagram Followers

Optimize Your Instagram Account

optimizing Instagram profile

Do your Instagram posts fail to create the ' likes and comments ' buzz? If yes, then maybe your account needs a makeover.

You should start with small but important things, like changing your Instagram bio to an interesting one. A catchy bio can attract visitors to your account and increase followers. Add relevant image captions and links to your bio for better traffic inflow. Adding an attractive profile image never goes wrong!

Maintain a Consistent Content Calendar

regular Instagram posts

Keep your account and followers updated with regular posts on the latest content. Don't make your followers forget you by creating random posts with odd schedules.

It would instead be wise to develop and follow a fixed posting schedule. Posting multiple times a day is a good practice to keep your followers engaged. Make sure your posts are interesting enough to get attention.

Schedule Your Instagram Posts In Advance

scheduled Instagram posts

Schedule your posts in advance to let your followers know what’s upcoming. This will help to maintain curiosity about your brand. Posting the right content at the right time also works to improve the visibility of your brand. Your content campaigns will have a broader audience, and consistency will also be ensured. Digital utility providers can help you in this regard through the latest scheduling tools .

Hire Professionals for Content Posting

publish professional Instagram posts

A large follower account attracts buyers to your brand. When aiming to increase followers, you should know the audience's value. Your consistent online presence is the key to this aspect. You can make a smart move by sponsoring user-generated content in your Instagram posts. This will make your brand appear in customers’ feeds. Announcing Instagram contests is another way to attract large visitor traffic.

Avoid Fake Followers

avoid fake Instagram followers

You must have come across Instagram posts that talk of buying a large number of followers instantly. However, tempting it may seem, you should avoid the practice. Fake followers don't have long-term credibility and can prove disadvantageous.

The long list of fake followers can bring down your account’s credibility and deceive new followers. Keeping them away is a safe choice for your account and brand.

Showcase your Instagram on Other Platforms

embedded Instagram profile

An effective account promotion strategy is vital for gathering mass attention. So what’s a smart take in this regard? Social media is here at your rescue. You can list your Instagram account on these networking platforms and also on the brand’s website.

Let your audience know different ways of reaching out to you. This will increase your social presence and brand visibility, which will eventually add to the follower count.

Post Useful and Trending Content

trending Instagram posts

Ahead of posting regular and updated content, you should know about the interests of your audience. Track the smallest details regarding content preferences, posting schedules, captions, filters, etc.

Pay close attention to the new and upcoming trends and create posts accordingly. Testing different content sources for viability and patterns is another smart strategy. You can also invest in Instagram Analytics tools for better content tracking and analysis.

Initiate Conversations

chat with followers

Getting in touch with your audience can go a long way in increasing the number of Instagram followers. Since most Instagram users are interested in image and video content, you can use these media to interact with your followers. Upload eye-catching videos and images with appealing captions to attract viewers' interest.

Search Converting Hashtags

use Instagram hastags

Hashtags are a tried and tested formula for increasing Instagram followers. These are effective tools to create content visibility while diversifying your social reach. If you are advertising your brand on Instagram, hashtags can help in creating follower communities. This helps in a quick product discovery, which brings the interested audience to your profile.

Keep Your Followers Happy

keeping happy Instagram followers

Aim at keeping your followers satisfied with your content and work ethic. You should not appear sales-driven or needy to your followers. Announce interesting online tasks, quizzes, and rewards to keep your audience engaged. This will ensure that your followers get something new and appealing, every time they land across your Instagram posts.

Having a good number of followers is what every Instagram follower desires. You can take note of the aforementioned tips to get a bunch in no time!