Anonymous Instagram Story Downloader

A fully anonymous Instagram story viewer web application for everyone aiming to view IG stories anonymously.

Just type in or copy-paste the target Instagram profile below and the anonymous story viewer app will do its magic.


Important: Make sure you paste only the username of the target profile and not the web address. Good examples: "cristiano", "leomessi", "kyliejenner", "selenagomez".

download instagram video

Instagram Videos Download

iGstory has an excellent feature for downloading videos on Instagram for whichever purpose. With the videos downloader, you can download single and multiple videos.

download instagram pictures

Instagram Photos Downloader

The iGstory photo downloading feature lets you download and save your favorite Instagram photo posts. This feature works whether you want to download single or multiple images.

download instagram story

Instagram Story Downloader

iGstory has an Instagram story download feature that will enable you to view uniquely shared user Instagram stories, download or even add them on your own profile.

Instagram Story Downloader [Show]

Download Instagram Story

Instagram is a top-rated app that people use to post millions of photos and videos every day. There are times as a user you find some content that you want to preserve, but its availability may be limited. It can be content you post or content posted by other Instagram users. The only way to keep such content is by downloading it. iGstory download is what you need to download Instagram content.

You can use iGstory download to download an IG story even if the app doesn’t support archiving. iGstory download has the best Instagram story viewer, allowing you to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

With the iGstory Instagram story saver, you can download Instagram stories with just a click and keep them on your device of choice.

About iGstoryDownload

iGstory is a third-party online web tool that helps you download Instagram videos, photos, IGTV videos, Reels, and Stories. The tool is excellently designed to work straightforwardly on any device, like mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

It is usable on iOS and Android devices and also works excellently with Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox browsers.

Reels Downloader

Reels are brief, entertaining Instagram videos that you can use creatively to build your brand or entertain others. iGstory helps you download Instagram Reels, and it also allows you to save your favorite Reels when your app is not being supportive.

IGTV Downloader

IGTV is a kind of long Instagram video. With iGstory download, you can download IGTV videos to any device. You can even watch the video later while offline without worrying about the deletion.

A carousel is also referred to as a gallery post or album. It features a variety of content which can be videos, photos, or mixed content viewable by swiping left. Usually, an Instagram carousel supports up to ten pictures or videos which are shared as one post. If you want to download a carousel from Instagram, iGstory will give you a fast downloading experience.

How to Use iGstoryDownload

If you want to download Instagram photos or videos on iGstory download, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • First, open the website on any suitable device, then copy the URL of what you want to download. All images and video links are supported.
  • Secondly, return to iGstory and paste the copied link into the indicated text box.
  • Lastly, hit the Download button. Clicking this button displays different qualities, and you can specify the photo or video quality you want.

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What is an Instagram video downloader?

No. You don’t have to log in to use the tool. You can download content anonymously and securely without providing any personal details.


Is the iGstory service paid for?

The iGstory download service is free to use, and you can download as much content as you want with no limits.


Can I use the service to download content from my account?

Yes. You can use the exact instructions to download content from a personal account.


Where can I find downloaded content on my device?

Usually, downloaded content is saved in your device’s “Downloads” folder. This applies to PC and phone storage. In addition, the saved content also immediately appears on your gallery.


Can I download content from any Instagram user?

Yes, provided that their account is public. We care about and respect other users’ copyrights and privacy, so we don’t offer access to content on private accounts.


Which file formats should I use to download content?

Jpg files are convenient formats for image downloads. If you want to download videos, mp4 is what is commonly used. Both formats ensure the content is of high quality and small file sizes.


Is downloadable content exclusive to Instagram?

Yes, the iGstory download supports Instagram only. You cannot use it to download content from other sources.

What people say about iGstoryDownload


Doesnt Work :( Anymore
i'm generally content finding out your site.very nice,but after scrolling further down through someones older photos your site doesn't let me scroll left through the other photos posted by that just shows the first of many to download.

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